Radio Gigabit announces its nomination at the Telecom Council's 2019 SPIFFY Award for the Zephyr Award for Best Wireless Opportunity
02 september / 2019
Brentwood, California – Radio Gigabit, an innovative wireless design engineering company, announces that it has been nominated by the Telecom Council ( for this year's SPIFFY Award.

The Telecom Council's Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF) has identified Radio Gigabit as one of the 16 nominees who have demonstrated the technology, vision and roadmaps required to disrupt the communication industry. Radio Gigabit is among the 4 nominees competing this year for the Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity. This award category within the SPIFFY Award focuses on wireless telecom and the edge of the network, and the Service Provider Forum members have expressed a strong interest in taking these nominees into their networks.

"We are excited and feel honored to have been nominated for this 2019 SPIFFY Award among the 150 companies who have presented their solutions at the Telecom Council during the course of this year" said Greg Nemet, Radio Gigabit's President and CEO. "This is a recognition of our incredible talent, expertise, and vision in delivering innovative designs for leading edge wireless systems and solutions to our customers world-wide", said Nemet. "Our highly flexible FPGA-based 5G NR Physical Layer implementation is receiving a lot of visibility and recognition thanks to our presentation to the Telecom Council and this nomination", added Nemet.

The winner will be announced at the 2019 SPIFFY Awards Luncheon and Networking Event to be held on September 26 at SRI International, Menlo Park, California.

About Radio Gigabit:
Radio Gigabit is a technology leader in wireless systems designs with high value added, IP, and technology expertise. We are developing products, ranging from modem to radios and smart antennas, for 4G/5G mobile communication networks, V-band and E-band radios, sub-6 GHz to millimeter-wave PTP and PTMP fixed wireless access systems, wireless solutions for transportation networks and many other applications.
The company was founded in 2012 and has grown into a recognized solution provider for highly advanced wireless systems. Our technologies have been licensed and deployed in over 50,000 commercial systems world-wide.


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